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Welcome to my first blog post. Today we will talk about laptop cooling pads.  I just bought a new laptop, an Alienware 15R2. I found it in a gaming laptop buying guide on a blog called LaptopBlogger.

The guide suggested me to get a cooling pad. I had never before heard of it, but I gave it a try. My laptop commonly got hot and needed extra airflow from the bottom. For several years now laptop cooling pads have emerged as a classically trendy accessory to have. The reasons some laptops run hotter than others varies from computer to computer, and a cooling pad ensures you’re your laptop components are protected from any melting, shorting or slowing. This makes a cooling pad an excellent investment.

Who Uses Cooling Pads? 

Cooling pads are usually suggested for people who are big gamers and use their laptops primarily for marathon gaming sessions. These laptops tend to become very hot as the game takes up a lot of RAM and is constantly accessing the video and network cards. This constant use heats up the laptop by at least 10 degrees or more. This can damage the game through heat warping from constant cooling and heating of the laptop.  When selecting a computer model, it is vital you do some homework and check the safety and reviews. If it has been reported that the laptop has a tendency to heat up more, then you may want to consider something else.

What Are Cooling Pads Useful For?

Laptop pads will be the most effective way for the user to draw away heat from the laptop and keep the inner components cool. The cooling pad needs to be lightweight and portable to work on your laptop. It is vital that the stand is used for hot laptops to reduce heat-related crashes. When heat rises in components the information becomes corrupted and disrupts the flow and can cause:

  • Bottlenecking
  • Abnormal wear and tear
  • Electrical issues

Cooling pads are useful for not only keeping the temperature down it can also resolve several issues that may crop up on your laptop as a result of excessive heat.  When gaming, laptop cooling pads are ideal, as the laptop can crash from getting too hot. Make sure that the cooling pad is the right kind for your desired use. More complex and fan driven can keep the hottest of laptops cool. It is not fun to be playing a complex game and crashing without saving first.

Some features can come standard with gaming cooling pads like USB ports and agronomical comfort promising better body positioning. All these are bonus features, the main thing to ensure is that the cooling pad is useful in keeping your system cool and smooth functioning.

How To Use A Laptop Cooling Pad 

Picking one out is half the battle, so ensure you make the right choice. Check reviews and double check that you’re getting the right size with functions that are compatible with your laptop. You must consider the overall heat produced and try and make a good guess on which is ideal. If you can test them out on your notebook the better.

  1. Assemble the cooling pad as per manufacturer’s instructions.
  2. Place laptop comfortably on the pad.
  3. Make any adjustments to height.
  4. Turn on cooling fans.

The cooling fans should run with no problem. The materials should not heat up at all on the cooling pad. If the result is not favorable, it is suggested you return the product, if possible, and get a different one. Sometimes trial and error are necessary for finding a good cooling pad.