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5 Common Questions While Using a Laptop

While using a laptop, a few common questions have been found to come from users. Listed below are five questions that are frequently asked on different forums:

1. How to clean my laptop?

First, turn off the laptop, and unplug the adapter and other devices attached to the ports. It is also advisable to take off the battery from laptop to avoid shocks and damage. Then, start cleaning the components one by one. Clean the dirt and dust in the keyboard using compressed air. Wipe off the dust on the screen with a soft cloth sprayed with a solution of equal parts of vinegar and water. Clean the inside of the ports using cotton swab and compressed air. Dust from cooling fans can be cleaned by blowing compressed air. Now, replace the battery and notice that your laptop runs much quieter and cooler. Cleaning regularly enhances the performance and lifespan of laptops.

2. What should I do when I spill water on laptop?

Switch it off, unplug all devices, remove the battery, strip off its components and tilt the laptop upside down to prevent water seeping into the motherboard. After the water is completely drained and dried off, replace the battery and switch it on to check. In addition, placing the laptop in a bag of rice will absorb all the water and dry it up. If the laptop doesn’t start or if any component fails after starting, it is better to get it checked by a technician.

3. What should I do when I drop the laptop on floor?

After a drop, your laptop may appear to be working fine; however, there might have been a greater damage that will appear at a later period. Damages may include battery damage, cracked screen, broken circuit boards, or hard drive damage. A cracked screen is immediately visible and can be replaced, but the other damages may take a while to show up. If the laptop is still working after a serious drop, take a backup of your data immediately.Then; listen closely for strange noises such as screeching of hard drive or other components. If you suspect a broken component, it is important to get it checked and repaired by a technician.

4. How to retrieve lost data?

Loss of data is a common problem. It can occur due to accidental deleting of data, a virus attack or a system crash. Having a backup of all your files and data on an external hard drive is the quickest method to retrieve data. The second way is to install software or recovery programs such as Recuva that run to recover the deleted data on your laptop.

5. What do I do when my laptop is very slow?

Does your laptop take a very long time to boot up and start when switched on? Are the programs in your laptop too slow, and take forever to load and open?  Do you experience frequent laptop crashes? All these scenarios can be very annoying and disrupting when you’re working. The most common and popular cause of system slowdown is a virus attack. The solution is to run the anti-virus software, and perform a complete scan of all the components to detect and eliminate the viruses. This will regain the speed and efficiency of your laptop.

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